We are a matchmaker that draws on an extensive network of musicians to provide the perfect artist for our client’s
events, weddings and venues.

  • Run by musicians who have a passion for live music done well.
  • An extensive network of soloists, duo’s, trio’s and bands.
  • Reliable, professional and presentable musician/s in service of our clients and their venues.
  • All of our artists are auditioned, coached in-house and prepared specifically ahead of every booking.
  • Options for residencies and recurring bookings for venues who require multiple acts and variety.
  • Musicians for special events such as Christmas parties, Valentines etc.
  • We match clients with artists based nearby to promote local support for both musicians and venue.
  • We provide backup options if someone cannot make it.
  • A complete technical package
  • We provide everything needed to make it happen.
  • An open dialogue before during and after events to ensure technical and musical r

Brightside has a strong ethos around doing things with excellence and care towards all involved, from
understanding our clients needs, personalising the experience and treating our musicians with respect – we love
what we do and we do it well. We are great to work with, have a thorough understanding of live music and will
take the headache out of it for you.

How we Help

  • We are one phone call or email away from finding the perfect musician at any notice.
  • We can book one off or ongoing artists.
  • We will make this so easy. Music is our specialty.

What Makes Us Different

  • We run a detailed Interview at the beginning of the relationship to ensure that standards are understood.
  • We will get you positive reviews on your social media.
  • We will get you great social media content.
  • We provide backup options when artist is unwell.
  • We are backed by the team at Stormer Music – NSW’s leading music school.
  • We follow up after every gig to ensure we have delivered.
  • We are on call 24/7.
  • We are compliant and across the laws of the land around live entertainment. Our industry is rife with this issue. We are part of the solution.
  • Artists are well presented and professional – we dress to impress and we work with the team.
  • We are in it for the long haul, building relationships with venues and artists that we cherish.
  • Creating and maintaining careers, allowing musicians and businesses to focus on perfecting their own craft.


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