Non musical considerations for choosing a musician

Obviously choosing a musician will start with the music, tracking someone down on online based on a video or recording, or approaching an artist at a venue or busking to see if they’d be interested. Let’s just say you’ve found someone who’s sound you like, it’s time now to consider some of the other things about them, you are looking to hire an artist after all – so the music and the music maker!


Balance your budget and make sure you can afford them. Understand what you get for the money you are spending in terms of time, requests, aesthetics and more. Value is also an important consideration when it comes to the quality of your artist, are they super experienced or just starting out? Are you paying for a premium or mid tier act etc. 


Think about the vibe of your event and write out words you would associate with your ideal mood, words like, classy, fun, low key, peaceful, romantic, pumping etc. Will the musician you have chosen promote the kind of atmosphere you are going for?


Do you have a good connection and chemistry with your musician? Are they too serious for you? Or perhaps you like a consummate professional? Are they too out there for you? Or perhaps you like an edge? Are they too abrupt for your taste? Or maybe you like a straight shooter? You are going to be spending time organising and working with them before and during the event and this is much better if there is a rapport and trust built between you.


Just because someone can play music does not mean they are a professional musician. Like with any job done well, professional musicians are multi skilled professionals who should bring great communication, presentation, empathy, gear and more. If you hire an amateur, expect more than just the music to come in that way.

Above all remember you are not just hiring a jukebox, but a living, breathing musician. This makes for the best lives experiences of course but must be handled well as you can see!

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