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Non musical considerations for choosing a musician

Obviously choosing a musician will start with the music, tracking someone down on online based on a video or recording, or approaching an artist at a venue or busking to see if they’d be interested. Let’s just say you’ve found someone who’s sound you like, it’s time...

Questions to ask when booking a musician

Booking a musician can be challenging, especially when you are not a musician yourself. We always recommend getting all the details together BEFORE making any commitments to give all involved the best chance of success. Please find below some great questions you can...

Choosing the right musician for your event

So you’re planning an event or party and want to have live music? It’s important to get right as your musician will have a huge impact on the vibe and success of the day. This is an art, but it has some science to it as well, here are some tips/tricks for getting this...