When booking a live musician it’s important to consider not just the music, but the person/people performing it. Choosing the right artist will blow you away, charismatic, energetic, inspiring and professional. Choosing the wrong artist will blow you away too, but not in the good way. Here are some red flags and things to look out for.

Showing Up/Starting Late: Make sure you are clear when your act is going to show up, how long it takes them to bump-in/setup and what is happening. Some musicians will play fast and loose with their schedules in a way that is not going to work for your event.

Who Do They Serve: Some musicians work from big ego’s and will take gigs only in line with this. Make sure your musician is passionate about the work, about serving your guests and giving you all a wonderful experience. If they are simply doing the gig for cash this can sometimes come through in their attitude.

Gear: Ask about your bands sound gear and how they will be setup in the room, make sure they have spoken to the venue and are good to go. A bad setup can have a huge impact on the overall experience.

We recommend always working with an agent whose reputation is staked on the quality of their artists. We are happy to help, if you need us please do reach out.