Big call here! Choosing your wedding soundtrack is one of the most important parts of your day. If you’ve bothered to put in effort with your hair, makeup, suits and dresses, venue and videographer, then you better think seriously about your song choices as they will affect all of those.

Have you ever watched one of those nature documentaries where classical music played over a montage of fish swimming and birds flying, it’s spectacular and moving, now chuck on the mute button and see how you feel. The look is still there but the vibe has gone. This is what’s it’s like having no music (let alone the wrong music).

We’re going to kick an own goal here and say you really should ask a professional like us for help. In the same way a designer does your dress and caterer your meals, don’t leave important things like this to chance. 

Music is one of those things that people feel they know so much about, which while true, does not mean they know so much about how to take that musical knowledge and apply it to a wedding or event setting, and how that music will significantly impact the experience for all involved.

So in answer to our initial question, let us help you decide that by choosing an artist who gets it, can play what you want and play in a way that you didn’t even realise was important.