Take moment and look up a scene from your favourite show or movie. Watch it and pay careful attention to the use of music and sound effects. Now watch the same clip with the sound off and see how it goes. It’s one of those things that you won’t consciously notice right away but if it’s taken away you’ll realise just how important the audio is to the feeling and visual scene.

It’s the same in real life. Enter a room, a party, a house, a restaurant and you will feel immediately supported and comfortable or awkward and uncomfortable based on the audio environment you’re in.

At Brightside we are super aware of this dynamic, a good events musician will not always be noticed, but rather be a compliment, perfectly sitting in the mix and keeping the vibe up and beautiful. But can then jump out from that for a feature or focused moment if needed.

If working with an amateur, you’ll notice them more. You’ll notice when they stop and you’ll notice if they are playing to loudly or the wrong songs or taking breaks to often. 

It’s counter intuitive, as we are saying in events you are booking musician to NOT hear them. But think about it.