There are many incredible things about live music. Apart from the music itself here are some of the things we absolutely love about what we do:

Learn: Watching a master (or amateur) performance will give you precious insights in what to do and not to do when performing, if you are an artist of any kind, seeing a performance will be of value to you.

Share The Experience: Experiencing live music in a room or venue with others has a powerful energy about it. The collective surging of emotion and reaction is feast of the senses. Jump in and immerse yourself.

Be In The Moment: We recommend putting the phone down, forgetting what’s been happening just for a moment and immerse yourself in the music. A live and lived experience is unforgettable.

Admire The Work: You get to see the result of hours of practice, rehearsal, preparation and passion poured out. The lived expression of the artist who has been working for this performance their whole life.

Supporting Artists: Musicians are amongst the most loved members of our society and amongst the least supported. This is a complicated problem to be explored elsewhere but for now, know that when you go to see live music you are supporting an artist and their family, you are supporting an industry that needs it and you contributing to the continuance of an important part of life. 

We could go on and on here, live music is simply the greatest. Enjoy it and if you are keen to get some live music booked in, please hit us up!