Agents and middlemen get a bad rap in the business and arts community, they are seen as providing little value whilst skimming the top from the artists or overcharging the client. While this reputation is accurate for some a good agent will be worth their weight in time and service and fully earn the margin they are taking. 

Here are some value adds a booking agent will bring:

  1. Shared Responsibility: Agents are as invested in the success of the event as you are. Having another team in your corner in the spirit of everything running smoothly is a huge plus.
  2. Back up options: Agents represent multiple acts and will provide back-up artists if your booked artist cannot make it at last minute.
  3. Expertise: A good agent will answer questions you didn’t even know you had and make sure everything runs smoothly having run thousands of gigs.
  4. Curation: A good agent understands what it takes to run a good event and will recommend artists that will work for what you are after, and why. 

We hope that helps, as agents ourselves we’re here to help you with all your live music booking needs so please do get in touch.