Jazz bands are all about class, distinction and charm. Elevating events from the banal to the sophisticated. Think champagne, canapes, conversation and a smooth musical setting to carry the mood. Booking a jazz act is fantastic and here are some things you should know.

  1. Small or large – jazz is interesting in that it can come in many shapes and sizes, being that most artists work from standards and will be networked with others, you can often ask a musician you like to bring a friend or three along. If you want a more stripped back setting, maybe piano/vocal is all you need – but maybe you want a punchier experience – ask ‘em to bring their bass and drum players along.
  2. Style matters – jazz isn’t always jazz – or atleast what you might expect to be jazz. You  need to consider if you are after a more laid back or more energetic approach, how experimental or mainstream, how “jazzy” this is where agents like us come in as we work to understand what you mean when you say “jazz” and make sure that translates to the artist/s you go with.
  3. Dancing – jazz can get you up and moving, consider a dance floor or time set aside for this if the mood and event takes it. What a great way to bring people together and enjoy the experience.

If you need help finding a jazz act please do reach out, we’d love to help.