If you are booking an outdoor event it is paramount that you have a wet weather plan. As far as musicians are concerned, water and music gear does not mix – we are talking electrical issues and hazards as well as expensive wooden instruments getting ruined by raindrops. Not stuff you want happening! A few good things for considering a wet weather option:

  1. Call it early, if there is a risk of rain make sure you do your wet weather plan, it’s better that then a late call and mid-event move.
  2. Be respectful of your musician, you may be ok with a few raindrops on your shirt, musicians have higher stakes however and as much as we would like to see your event succeed we can’t risk our gear and safety.
  3. Be prepared, have everything ready to go and the plan clear to all stakeholders so you can move quickly and easily to your new venue.
  4. Plan inside, it might be easier just to have your event indoors – it’s worth considering.

Give us a call if you are trying to work this through with your day, we’d be happy to help.