There are many couples choosing to have their musician MC at their wedding. There are lots of good reasons for this, the main ones being:

  • Use of gear (we are setup and ready to go).
  • Less vendors (one less person to worry about than having a separate MC).
  • Good vibes (we are here to create good vibes and keep things feeling good, it makes sense that we would bring that energy into the announcements too).

It’s a big decision though and would recommend you think about the following before combining them:

  • Not every musician is a public speaker – believe it or not they may not be as confident speaking into a mic than singing into a mic.
  • It may be too much for one person to handle, especially if you are planning many speeches on the day.
  • Your MC and music spots will have to sync up well and may create some interruptions in the day.

So swings and roundabouts, there are some incredible wedding specialist musicians on our books who offer MC services alongside music services and ensure that they strike this balance well.