When you book a live musician you have a wonderful opportunity to craft a soundtrack around your event, or even choose a song or two to be played at key moments to really enhance your experience. Moments like a first dance, a birthday song, a featured request a final song for the night. These are all good opportunities to create lasting and memorable experiences for your guests with a song to carry them the whole way. Here are some tips on choosing the best song

Pick something personalised/meaningful: Choose a song that means something to you and to your guests. Music has the power to carry immense feeling and adding a layer of sentimentality and personality to it is a powerful mix. Make sure your guests know what the song means to you or for the moment for extra impact.

Pick something that others will relate to: Try to consider your audience as well as your own taste. You may find something moving/inspiring but a listener may not be able to relate if you choose something too out of the box. Be inclusive and accessible.

Consider the tone: Music styles have different feelings, classical music for example speaks to tradition, class and formality, jazz more relaxed and understated etc. The genre will have an impact on the room so make sure you are choosing to suit your guests and the timing.

Seek advice: Ask your musician, they will have many examples of winning songs, crowd pleasers and hidden gems.

We hope that helps, and if you have any questions around this please do reach out.