As with all industries the internet has transformed the way live music is done. Particularly in the preparation of and lead up to an event. A big piece of this is how we choose the right artist for what we are planning. If you are not working with an agent or if you have a curated list from an agent we would recommend watching a show reel (series of short clips, variety of songs) from each of the artists under your consideration. When doing that here are some ways to judge them:

  • No video, no good: If the artist doesn’t have a video this is a sign that they are behind the industry and may be tired/uninspired. We don’t work with artists without videos and would recommend you avoid them too.
  • Lighting and multi shots: Has the artist put effort into the quality of the video and attention to detail in the shoot? This will be an indication of the effort and care they put into their presentation and attention to detail at their gigs.
  • Audio: Are they dubbed or performing live? Is the sound high quality and recorded on good mic’s. Sound is a musician’s tool of trade and this must be done well.
  • Repertoire: The style of music they are playing will be what they feel is their “best foot forward”. If you love it, you will love them, if not ask if they have another showreel or look at another artist.

This process can be quite overwhelming especially if you are attempting to work through a whole lot of artist applications but take the time and do it carefully as it will make a big difference to your event. Either that or call us and we’ll help trim down the list for you.