Like in industry there are amateurs and there are professionals. Those who are in the work for fun, passion or interest with others who take that interest and professionalise it. To be a professional is to show effort and care not just to the service itself but to all aspects of the experience and presentation. An amateur musician will, for example, play well and do the work, but might not consider the event in the right way, nail the volume, wear the right things or communicate in a way that creates trust and assurance in their client.

Professionals execute incredibly from a place of education, experience and capacity. Simply put, they have done this before, many more times than you can imagine and working with them you are buying the hours of experience along with the music to ensure the atmosphere and experience is an exceptional one.

The only time we work with amateurs is when we see the professional in them, someone who needs a helping hand to cross the threshold and lift their game to the next level. Working with amateurs in our industry aside from this perpetuates some of the worst elements and reputation about musicians and keeps professional musicians down and misrepresented. 

Before you book your cousin’s, friends, dad’s band for your next party we hope you consider what we’ve said.