If you’ve booked a musician or are looking to book a musician you need to make sure you remember the person/people behind the act. A professional musician, particularly one from a reputable agency will come completely ready to play and any expectations like meals, seating arrangements, power requirements and breaks will be set out in advance for you to understand and work with. If however you have booked someone through a friend or directly you might want to check out the following:

  1. Meals and Refreshments. When they would like them and if they have any dietary restrictions.
  2. Weather. Have you decided where they are going to setup, is this area shaded, is there protection from rain, wind, direct sunlight etc?
  3. Power. Have you provided enough power points for the musicians you have booked? Some artists need multiple lines.
  4. Seating/Furniture. Have you booked enough tables/chairs/space for them to sit and be when not playing?

There is more to consider too, but these are the main ones. Keeping your musician happy and feeling looked after will allow them to focus and do their best work.