So you’ve booked an artist and hopefully you’ve taken onboard our advice and even our services to get this done right. Choosing the ideal artist means you can trust they will bring the magic on the night and absolutely deliver. While this has been sorted out you have some homework to do before the day to make sure everything runs to plan. Here are some things to consider:

  1. Check in with your artist/s – a few weeks out it’s worth checking in with you act, as well as the week of just to ensure everything is tracking well. Don’t do this too early as most musicians are dealing with hundreds of gigs and looking at the week or two ahead at the most.
  2. Write out a runsheet, even for an informal event, just for your own sanity. Send this to your artist to keep your musician up to speed with what is going to happen.
  3. Make sure you have discussed how your artist will dress, what kind of sound gear they are using and how compatible their setup is to the venue.
  4. Check out parking and loading areas at your venue.
  5. Check out council and venue restrictions on noise at your venue to avoid uncomfortable conversations on the day.

Hope that helps! As always working an agency makes this process much easier but DIY works too provided everything is covered off.