We have had many gigs turned down because our client’s friend knew someone who knew someone and they went with them instead. Usually for cash or alcohol and usually without seeing, hearing or meeting them. We totally understand it, it’s the power of a personal recommendation from someone you trust. Especially if that person has some musical experience behind them, it can be quite compelling. We would however suggest you take stock before making a decision and consider the following:

  1. What will this do to your relationship if this goes south? Are you going to blame your friend/family for the bad recommendation?
  2. Has your friend actually seen them live? Sometimes people will recommend their friend the musician based on a recording or just because they know that they play music.
  3. Is the musician a professional? See our other blog articles on screening for professionals, all the same standards apply.
  4. Is it worth it? Good music will make or break your event.
  5. Are you doing this for you or your friend? If you are doing this as a favour to them just be mindful of that.

As always an agent will cut through this noise, understand what you are after and execute powerfully. Get in touch if you need us!