In a sense, anyone can be a musician. It’s not exclusive and is open to anyone with a song in their heart to enjoy. Being a professional events musician on the other hand is highly conditional. Professional events musicians will need:

  • A high level of musicianship and proficiency on their instrument.
  • A capacity to improvise and work their music to the room (not just stuck on sheet music)
  • An ever growing catalogue of the most influential and powerful songs to bring out as needed.
  • A strong marketing presence in the form of a showreel video, social media presence, press kit etc.
  • Representation and reviews that speak to strong past experience.
  • High quality gear and presentation on the day.
  • Excellent communication and administration to keep things clear.

If you are booking an artist and they don’t have the above we would strongly recommend looking elsewhere, professional musicians like any other kind of professional, are a cut above and will deliver infinitely better than amateurs. 

We only work with professionals. Hit us up if we can be of service to you.